The Meaning of Family

I promise ya’ll that I will have some more cheerful material up before the New Year!  Though last night I could not sleep, and all these thoughts were flashing through my head. So I grabbed my phone and starting typing it all out.  Between today and tomorrow I should have them all up and then…IContinue reading “The Meaning of Family”

Thoughts of an Alternative Black Chick

Random Thought: Why do those who are suppose to be family feel that they can say and do whatever they like to you? Without there being consequences? Without any repercussions? Without a care? When times get hard, they are suppose to be your network, shelter, and confidants. Right? At least that is what the moviesContinue reading “Thoughts of an Alternative Black Chick”

Day 6: Writing Flow

If I were ever to be a companion on Doctor Who, I would like to think that I would be called ‘The Woman who Almost Ruled the World’. But since I do not see that happening anytime soon, I will have make do with being known as ‘The Girl Never Without a Pair of Headphones’Continue reading “Day 6: Writing Flow”