The American Cool.

Everything we as black people do in American is cool. We built the American that so many are still trying to deny us. Our fashion is ‘ghetto’ until a designer ‘premiers’ it during Fashion Week. Our features are too over the top, unnatural, until they are carved onto some ‘European’ in your lastest magazines. Our self love is too laughable, until those they know stop simply lusting over us and fall in love with us too. 

Amazon Author Club!

I’ve been away for too long again – LOL This time it was due to work (again) and being busy with my many writing projects under the pen K.McCoy. After much encouragement from a few good friends, I have (finally-lol!) created an author page on! Here is the link below: Stop by sometime, readContinue reading “Amazon Author Club!”

Soprano Speaks by K.McCoy

Well Musings – it’s finally time! The release of Soprano Speaks is tonight and I could not be happier 🙂 It’s been quite the experimental and exciting project for me, but I have loved every second of working on my very first book. And….I am already working on a Soprano Speaks Too! As well asContinue reading “Soprano Speaks by K.McCoy”