The Fool and the Hermit

A good friend of mine (Annie Pritchard) drew this picture of me on the first day that we met. We both volunteer at our local hospital, and I remember yapping a way – a mile a minute – about the first topic that came up that day. When our shift ended, she showed it toContinue reading “The Fool and the Hermit”

Dying to Live

I’m dying. With every second, minute, hour, and day. Behind this reception desk for bullshit pay. I’m dying. To discover my voice, find my purpose, and see more of the world. Why would anyone assume that I’m living? When I have yet to feel alive?   Copyright 2016, All Rights Reserved.

Day 2: Musings in the Club

My first thought to this challenge was something like this – ‘No one is putting Soprano Musings in a corner!’ Having said that – I can admit that my tagline is a little boring… So I started looking up quotes. Here’s another fun fact about me: I loves me some quotes! They never fail atContinue reading “Day 2: Musings in the Club”