Day 2: Musings in the Club

My first thought to this challenge was something like this – ‘No one is putting Soprano Musings in a corner!’ Having said that – I can admit that my tagline is a little boring… So I started looking up quotes. Here’s another fun fact about me: I loves me some quotes! They never fail atContinue reading “Day 2: Musings in the Club”

A Fear of Fears

The thought of seeing your name become a hashtag kept me awake most nights. My best never being good enough almost had me ready to completely give up. Feeling unable to talk about my feelings in a safe place left me helpless almost everyday. The thought of never getting the chance to see the starsContinue reading “A Fear of Fears”

Day 3: This House

The writing 201 challenge is over, but I plan on continuing with it! Really had a ball writing! The one thing I wish I had been better at was writing and sharing my work daily(work and school kinda got in the way). So I’ve decided to share my work anyways like a boss! This wasContinue reading “Day 3: This House”