My New Normal

Cheers to testing negative for covid-19! Though that doesn’t mean that I am okay, just means that I need to stay on my new norm. It hasn’t been fun at all, not being able to go outside and sit on a bench to take in this nice weather and stare at the cherry blossoms. OrContinue reading “My New Normal”

Day 2: Musings in the Club

My first thought to this challenge was something like this – ‘No one is putting Soprano Musings in a corner!’ Having said that – I can admit that my tagline is a little boring… So I started looking up quotes. Here’s another fun fact about me: I loves me some quotes! They never fail atContinue reading “Day 2: Musings in the Club”

Impromptu Hiatus

I didn’t mean to take one, but I did. With my classes, finals, work, and other commitments, I had to do it. Even though I have not been on here to post any new material for your intellectual or thought provoking (I hope-lol) consumption – do not think for a second that I have notContinue reading “Impromptu Hiatus”