Melancholy Eve

Currently at my seasonal gig until 9pm, and this overwhelming feeling of pending sadness has turned my already tired mood into something so foul that I can hardly stand it. I applied for an internship for a teaching program in South Korea a few weeks ago. Tomorrow is the final day of processing submitted documentsContinue reading “Melancholy Eve”

Christmases Without You

12/23/2016 6:42 PM Another Christmas without you. And I’m still wondering what to do. Or how I manage to make it through. I find myself missing you at the oddest times. Not when when I’m angry at people who shop because their social medias told them to do so. Never when I am lashing outContinue reading “Christmases Without You”

Day 14: A Mood at my Dawn

Again, I was on the transit. It was cold inside and of course that cause condensation on the outside of the bus. That was how I’ve been feeling the last few days, so I wanted to try to capture it with my phone before trying to be productive today.   My focus was on theContinue reading “Day 14: A Mood at my Dawn”