Day 1: So Me!

Hello and Happy New Year! My moniker is Soprano Musings and I am here for the music. Started my love affair with a Walkman and some cassette tapes, and over the years that love has only grown.  Throughout it all – Music has always been there. Homeroom, homework, home wreck and heartache – the beatContinue reading “Day 1: So Me!”

Sunshine Blogger Award!

Wow! Things must be getting interesting on my little blog to receive this award uh? LOL First, I want to thank Jenn (Stories and Scribblings) for the nomination.  I have been following her for a short while, but her flash fiction and overall writing style already has me hooked! Anyhoo – on with the show!Continue reading “Sunshine Blogger Award!”

Thoughts of an Alternative Black Chick

Random Thought: Why do those who are suppose to be family feel that they can say and do whatever they like to you? Without there being consequences? Without any repercussions? Without a care? When times get hard, they are suppose to be your network, shelter, and confidants. Right? At least that is what the moviesContinue reading “Thoughts of an Alternative Black Chick”