Day 2 – Shady Side of the Street

Took this photo with my new Canon! Kind of on the fence about removing the date and time from it though – I feel as though it’s good for making me accountable for taking daily pics, but I don’t like seeing it on my pics. Ugh – lol Anyways, I like this shot because IContinue reading “Day 2 – Shady Side of the Street”

Acts of Love

  Is it truly better to have loved and lost than to have loved at all? I think this line is used most by those who were used up by love and cannot let it go. Kind of like how your favorite blues song sounds to your heart. The lyrics are etched into your skin,Continue reading “Acts of Love”

Let’s Talk (About Love)

Oh, one of my least favorite four letter words… The one that folks line up to sing, write sonnets, and to simply chat hours on end about. Yes, I am talking about love.   As a musician, I can sing about love all day long. When asked personally about it though…I tend to evade andContinue reading “Let’s Talk (About Love)”