Photography Takes

After blogging my first photograph takes (in over a year) this month, I’ve decided to add this page for my future unedited works. Right now I am looking for a free photo editing software to begin learning more about that as well, but the overall goal now is to learn how to take better photos with the cameras that I have.

Once I feel more confident with that, then I will move on to stepping up the tech side of photography. So this page will show my growth, and also help with keeping me accountable as far as sharing my work. Along the way I will share the good, the bad, and the what the fresh hell is going on here takes 🙂

If you are also into photography (or tech), please feel free to share your stories and thoughts too with me along the way.

As always, be inspired and stay inspiring Musings!


selective focus photography of woman holding camera
Photo by Joshua McKnight on

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