TaLK Updates and Thoughts

I did it again. Sorry for the long delay in my posting, but I wanted to make sure that I covered all that I wanted to say before I begin.

Since being in the TaLK program, I have gone through 2 mentor teachers and several teacher prep rooms. During training our instructors tell us to be prepared for may changes, so that wasn’t the biggest shocker for me. My ever developing style of teaching and philosophies however – was not prepared for those to change.

Well, maybe ‘change’ is not the correct word. ‘Refined’ seems more fitting. My foundation as to why I wanted to teach is still there, but I feel that it has become more specific. I still want more kids to be exposed to people like me so that they can see that people that are different from them aren’t to be feared. But over the last few months, I have become aware of how many bi-racial kids are overseas. Hearing about some of their experiences has made me reflect on my teachings too.

And I want them to really know that looking different is not a sin. They are also deserving of being treated with kindness and respect. I want the kids that I teach to become more accepting of others and to not see only the physical in people.


Yeah. That is alot and especially in South Korea I know that I am asking plenty of myself as a English teacher.

Which is why after my 2 years are up I will be leaving. Putting that kind of pressure on myself, even though it was down indirectly, is too much. And I still am in the process of completing my BA online, which is proving to be more of a challenge than I originally thought it would be.

As of right now, I don’t know where I will teach next. Most likely back to Mexico or strictly online as I travel and do other freelance work.


I wanted to start off my post with this topic with the hopes that it helps you understand the rest of the my story and the impact teaching in Korea as had on me. My next few posts will be a little lighter, as I will discuss my school and students. So thank you for listening! Please fell free to ask me any questions that you may have and I will answer them in the next post.

As always, be inspired and stay inspiring!


– Soprano Musings


It’s Been Too Long

Almost all of 2019 has passed and I have so much I need to say.

As per usual.

I have officially been living, learning, and loving life in South Korea, learning the basics and more with photography, struggling mentally when it comes to writing, and just exploring other mediums to express myself.

Soon, I will talk about all that and then some, but first I have to unpack my feelings about teaching and learning in Korea. My current contract ends this year and if I am unable to extend, I want to properly say farewell to this chapter in my life. I can tell you right now that there is no way to sum everything up within one or two blogs. There are things that I want to share and say to future TaLK scholars as well, so expect a few more YouTube videos (and a live or two) from me in the next week.

Thank you for checking in on me.

Be inspired and stay inspiring!


-Soprano Musings


Soprano Musings Photography!


Okay, did ya’ll not see this coming?

I’m sure you did!

My confidence has been growing and I’m in a position to really give it a go this time around. Soprano Musings Photography is happening everyone!




Since I’ll be here in South Korea for another 18 months (*fingers crossed*), I’ve decided to really learn how to develop my take photos professionally and find my style as a photographer. So essentially I’ll begin building my portfolio and having fun as much as I can along the way!

Please check out my latest website and let me know what ya’ll think!

If anything else, I know a few professional photographers back in the States that I can possibly work for as an assistant 🙂

Check back in a few days as I share some more teaching overseas / TaLK updates!


Be inspired and stay inspiring Musings!

-Soprano Musings

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