Ready for the Good Times!

**This was pulled from my site. Since I decided to bring that content here as well to kick off my WordPress account. LOL**

(Originally posted 7.16.2015)

Yes I am listening to Shakira’s ‘Ready for the Good Times’ as I write this entry!

It’s time. I am done with the pity parties, ‘woe is me’, and being so hard on myself that I don’t want to get out of bed. That’s not who I want to be.

Yeah, I still have fresh insecurities, but I am no longer going to let them decide my life. The past week I’ve been in the practice rooms on campus going over my Vaccai and really practicing the piano. Nothing too crazy – just my scales in major, minor, augmented, and diminished.

I still haven’t picked up one of my guitars, but that is next on my list. This week I have found so many great and positive reinforcements thanks to the web! All these groups for baby bloggers such as myself, blogger vets with words of wisdom, and new social medias (somebody say periscope! lol) to explore…It’s almost too much and at the same time it is just what I needed!

I hope that that makes sense to ya’ll.

Have you ever spent so much time over analyzing all the things that you did wrong or didn’t like that you lost sight of what you do know and got right? I feel like with each reminder of the things that I know and got right that I’m finally able to shed the old parts of me that were weighing me down to make room for the new and improved me.

I could get addicted to this feeling!

So I am back to carrying around my SM labeled journal, writing down new plans and ideas. Jotting down short stories, original songs, concepts for future photo shoots, and new quotes or positive words of inspiration to keep me on this awesome path.

School starts back the third week of August and I want to prepare for my classes as best as I can. No more worrying about what I don’t have or don’t know. It is high time that I just let all those bad vibes go.

And get ready for the good times to come.

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