Vision Board for 2020!

Vision Board 2020

Well, here it is Musings!

My vision board for 2020. This year I decided to keep it simple and precise.

First up – music. I miss it ya’ll! Performing, writing, and learning more about the craft. I want to surround myself with incredible sounds, pick up my guitar (and uke), as well as start vocal training again next year.

Second is my social medias and creativity side. They all need more consistency and an overall improvement. So I am working on my social media schedule now and looking for courses that I can take (or YT channels that I can watch) that will help me with making those better.

Third is my studies. I know, I know, some of ya’ll may think that this should be first on my list, but it ain’t. I have the means to support myself now and I am only pursuing my BA to ensure that I can continue to have options as far as working overseas. Yes, I realize that what I said comes from a place of privilege and I recognize that others may not have that opportunity. Though if you have been following me on here or YT, then you know that my life as not been all sunshine and cotton candy. Anything that I have, I have worked hard for and do not take for granted. So if my comment about the importance of my BA offends anyone, I sincerely apologize. That was not why I said it, as I am only sharing my goals and visions for 2020 with the hope of inspiring others to do think of what they want for themselves in the new year.

Finally, I want to travel and document my experiences more. Being in South Korea these last few years has been amazing, but due to my contract and schedule, it left very little room for me to explore other countries. That is something that I want to change for the new year. I’m not Dora, but I love the idea of exploring more of this world while I can.

This will probably be my last post for the year, so I want to take this moment to thank you all for reading my blog and for sending me your well wishes on my journey. For that I wish you all the best in whatever your purpose or goals are in 2020.


Be inspired and stay inspiring Musings!


-Soprano Musings


Shopping Around

It has been more than half a year since I arrived in South Korea for the TaLK program and I have not written about my time as much as I should.

My apologizes!

A new semester has started, I begin working on my side hustles with photography as well as being an indie author, and looking for an online school to complete my Bachelors’ of Art in before my contract here ends.

Which should explain the title of this post a bit better 🙂

All roads are now leading to American Public University. Luckily the Teach and Learn in Korea program accepts students without their BA and I fully intend to make good use of my time left here to complete mine. Back home I was too busy with trying to keep steady work to pay for the basics (rent,insurance, food, etc.) to even consider finishing up my BA. And, if I am completely honest, I was not interested in doing so. After years of going through the ringer with Sallie Mae and the whole higher education system, all while being borderline broke all the time, I was done trying to obtain something that no longer seemed necessary to me.

Though after being in South Korea for a few months, I realized that I wanted the option to continue teaching here. And with the TaLK program, you can only teach for up to 2 years without your BA, so I decided to use this time to get mine. That was the easy part. Finding an online school that I could afford was not. I am still broke, but at least my current job (because that is what TaLK is after all) I now have hours of free time to devote to studying and taking classes.

Finally, after talking with a friend, I learned about APU (American Public University). They have a pretty awesome BA program for English with the option to concentration on Writing. Tuition is reasonable, so I applied. And was directed to their sister program with Straightline. I was upset at first, but when I read more about it, I was thankful for the change in plans. Straightline is even cheaper than APU and the courses that I take will apply for APU. AND…I can go at my own pace.

After 4 successfully completed courses, I am guaranteed acceptance into APU! I plan to transfer my credits from my last college to them in a few weeks. In the meantime, I have to prepare to take college algebra.

I am really not great at math ya’ll!

But I have to get it done – before taking any other classes. Because I know that it is the one that could potentially hold me back if I don’t complete it right away.

I’ll be sure to check in again with more TaLK related stuff for those of you interested.

See ya next time Musings!


My Teaching Routine!

Okay, here comes the blog that you all have been waiting for – my daily teaching routine!

First off, your class depends on you being your best, so I try to keep myself full of energy and healthy. This means getting at least 6 to 7 hours of sleep, drinking about 2 liters of water, and eating balanced meals every day.

Except on the weekends. I’m just trying to be honest. Especially on Saturdays! On those days you can find me …

Over Sleeping.png

Sunday is reserved for self care. I tend to my hair and work on my side hustles before going to bed to get ready for a full week of teaching.

I am required to be at my school Monday through Friday, but I only teach roughly 15-20 hours. Monday is my busiest day, as I also co-teach with the Korean English teacher for 4 classes and have 3 after school classes. My slowest day is Tuesday, where I only co-teach for 1 class and have desk warming in the morning.

Because I detest being late for work, I get to school around 7:30am.


Yeah. LOL

But it’s the best time for me because no one else is there so it’s quiet. And I enjoy the silence as I put on my makeup, check my emails, and have breakfast. Kids start arriving to school at 8 and classes start at 9am, which is when I officially start ‘work’.

So on Mondays I kick things off by co-teaching with the school’s English teacher, whose teaching method is extremely different from mine, so it’s been a little challenging this semester. Though now I think we have figured out what works for us and the kids seem to like the lessons. To me that is all that matters.

After back to back co-teaching, I have lunch before my last co-teaching class of the day. Right after that class my after school classes start. So once those classes end – I am DONE for the day!

In my next blog, I will give ya’ll some of my favorite teaching tips. See ya then!

And, as always, be inspired and stay inspiring!

-Soprano Musings


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