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Samui TEFL is the BEST!

Last week I became a TEFL teacher and I have to thank Samui TEFL!

It was a tough 3 week course, though honestly I would not change one second of this experience. Most folks would say that I was crazy for spending my birthday in Thailand – teaching P4 students for my teacher practicums while sweating profusely and receiving a painfully honest critique afterwards.

Though if I had not seen this TEFL program through, I would not have received the knowledge needed to teach English as a a foreign/second language. I would not have learned more specifically what areas that I am lacking in as a teacher.

Not only do I have more tools at my disposal to be a more sound teacher, I now know what subjects I need improving in to become the best TEFL teacher that I can be to my future students!

Spending time on the beautiful and welcoming island of Koh Samui, Thailand was the icing on the cake 🙂

Again, thank you Samui TEFL for this amazing opportunity!

I promise to try my best to do you all proud. And to check in every few months or so to share my journey as a TEFL teacher in Mexico 🙂

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TEFL in Thailand

Whoa! I did it again 🙂

I know that it’s been over a month since my last entry, but I have (somewhat) a good reason. These TEFL classes overseas are grueling!

The sights are at least nice, but that is not the main reason for my visit to Koh Samui, Thailand 🙂

I have mentioned several posts ago that I would love the opportunity to teach overseas and now I am learning how to teach – while overseas.

The class is normally a month long, but for this month we only have 3 weeks. And the first week….intense is an understatement!

I do like how active and hands on the course is though. It’s just so much information at once! It’s taking me some time to really process all that I am learning. And on top of being in a different country – that part hadn’t dawned on me until a few days ago!

I would love to stay in Thailand a bit longer. At least until the end of the year, but since I do not have a BA, my options of truly teaching overseas are limited. So now I’m thinking of giving Spain or Cambodia a try, or head back to the states and teach privately.

I also had a thought of volunteering once a week somewhere back home too. To gain some teaching experience and a demo portfolio for those interested in me privately tutoring them.

Also, I have been interviewing via Skype for online jobs too. I have one more interview this Monday (or technically Tuesday because of the time zone – lol).

First, I have to pass this TEFL course! It’s either a pass or fail system, with a chance to have a merit attached to your pass status.

So wish me luck everyone and I’ll see you soon!

(currently working on a few one shots to share with you all in the next few days)


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So What If I Fall?!

Time sure does fly when you have to be an adult.

Last night I went out to my local skating rink with some friends for Adult Skate night and was painfully reminded of that fact. When I was in the fifth grade, my class went on a field trip to a roller rink and I flove it! I remember skating for the first time, just giggling by myself and feeling so free surrounded the bright lights as the DJ blared music through the speakers.

That is not how this outing started.

It had been years since I’ve taken on the skating floor, and I spent the first 20 minutes there worrying about breaking a bone from kissing the floor. Also, I forgot to stretch my legs before strapping on my boat size skates and my shins were on fire after a few laps around the rink! LOL

My friends were totally great about it – even the other adults that whizzed by me as I clumsily made rounds around the rink. With their bright smiles and “Yeah! You can do it!” pep chants, I had a great time. But what really got me out of my head and over my feelings was the sounds of Kim Wilde 🙂

When I heard her cover of ‘You Keep Me Hanging On’, I started singing along and somehow ended up on the skating on the floor. My shin pain and wobbly feet took a back seat and I was so happy – just like I was when in the fifth grade and skating for the first time.

This time when the shin pain came back and I had to sit again I was upset because I had wanted to keep skating! And by the time ‘Motivation’ by Kelly Rowland started to play, my shins were good and I headed back to out to the floor 🙂

And while skating, I had a moment.

“Why am I so afraid of falling? I’m planning a solo trip overseas to teach and travel, and I’m tripping right now over falling on the floor in front of my friends? Why?”

I started thinking about what exactly would happen if I did fall. Maybe someone would laugh, but I knew that someone would also come to my side and ask if I were okay. I would tell them that I am okay and proceed to lift myself back up, take another break, and start skating again.

“Going to Thailand solo is way scarier than this!” I told myself as I begin to pick up the pace. Going to Thailand alone is scary sometimes, but not scary enough for me to not want to do it at all. Just like any adventure in life – the hardest (and nerve racking) part is always when you first start. With that in mind, I kept skating.

After a few more songs, I met an angel.

A beautiful, long raven hair, hip swaying, roller rink angel 🙂

She took my hands and explained to me how to best find my balance. As Marvin Gaye’s ‘Sexual Healing’ played in the background, this sweet woman reminded me to find the rhythm (and to bend my knees-lol) to guide me around the rink.

And I was reminded again about my trip. Yeah, I will be solo for the most part, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t ask for help along the way. I do have friends that care about me and will help me if they can. Remembering that at the exact same time as Mary J. Blige’s song ‘I’m Fine’ started playing had me grinning from ear to ear.

It was in that moment, whether on the roller rink here, or on a plane to chase my dreams – I would be fine. I have good friends, and am capable of taking care of myself. As long as I remain positive and get back up if I do fall.

I’m going to be just fine.

For more of my story about my plans to teach and travel aboard, please click on the link below: