This Friday I decided to finally take part in my first National Novel Writing Month!

I mainly decided to do this for 2 reasons:

  1. Β I am still working on my first ever novel, and am hoping to apply all that I learn from this NaNoWriMo to make that book better.
  2. There are not one, but two other original stories taking up space in my head and I have to get at least one of them down on paper soon. lol

So, now that I have picked one story to focus on I feel so much better πŸ™‚

The work in progress title is Imperfect Rhymes Over Heartfelt Beats. Still need to work on my synopsis, call my local library to find out the schedule for the write ins, and keep up with my school work (these AAs and TESOLs aren’t going to earn themselves-lol) as well as my LYR and work responsibilities.

Having written all of that – I am now starting to see how much it is to do. LOL

Though I’ve already signed up, so I plan to see it through until November 30th.

To help me do that I will be looking to reach out to others also participating in NaNoWriMo. And a great Instagramer (@novelplottingandpeonies) shared this 30 day photo challenge that I can’t wait to start using as my way to check in πŸ™‚


Until next time Musings!

Be inspired and Stay inspiring.

-Soprano Musings


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