Write Prompts!

In between editing my future books and short stories, I have fallen in love with doing random prompts 🙂

This is the first one that I received from my IG page. Yeah, it’s a bit dark, but give it a read anyway 🙂

And I promise the next prompt that I received will be a bit bright. Dare I say funny? Thanks!




Kent stared at her as she continued to look out the window of their families’ cabin. His thoughts were no longer those of a dear and devoted brother in law for his distraught sister in law. Since his brother, Keith brought MacKenzie home to meet his parents for Sunday dinner 5 years ago, he wanted no one else but her. Seeing her nervously hold his brother’s hand as she smiled at his mom and dad warmed his heart. He wasn’t surprised at all when his mother offered Keith the engagement ring that his father had given her as MacKenzie and his dad laughed over desert that same evening.

Her wedding ring now caught the rays of the sun, causing the light to dance quickly over the ancient wallpaper that his mother refused to replace within this relic cabin.
She finally turned to face him and the pained look in her almond shaped eyes fueled his need to become her protector even more. He found himself wanting to whisk her away to a small island where no one – especially his careless brother – could find them. Kent’s hands shook as he thought of snatching off her wedding ring and swapping it with one that he deemed worthy of her.
“Any word on Keith’s condition?” MacKenzie asked hopefully.

“Keith’s condition is the same as it was yesterday. And the day before that. As it has been for 2 months. When will you accept that?”
She shook her head. “The doctors say he could wake up any day now. I believe them.”
The love in adoration still in her eyes for his comatose brother pissed him off. And Kent’s gentle tone was gone when he demanded loudly. “Accept it! Now! Or you will lose yourself too.”
Her eyes widen in shock, but Kent was no where near finished. He raced on with his plea as if he were in a marathon to reach her mind  before heartache consumed her whole. “Wasn’t the lost of your child enough Kenzie? Keith was drunk and decided to drive with Michael in the the backseat. Now they’re both dead!”
His face stung from the hard contact of her   hand. He saw a trickle of blood on her ring finger and knew that he was bleeding, but he didn’t care. The only woman that he ever allowed himself to love had all but locked herself up in this cabin because of his jackass brother. And he could not stand to see her this way anymore.
“He will wake up – I know he will Kent. And saying things like that won’t make me leave or give up on him!” MacKenzie’s feet swayed and Kent caught her before she fell to the floor.
“I still love him.” She whispered fiercely to Kent. “I won’t leave him.”
His eyes now filled with tears as he thought sadly, My sweet Kenzie… He has already left you. When will you see that?


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