I am still very much at the beginning stages of my ‘Something Into Something New’ journey with my writing, but I am proud to present you all with my work on this page.

The link to my smashwords to preview and purchase is listed here.


Soprano Speaks

Speak softly, until the time comes to scream!

In K. McCoy’s first published book, she aims to do just that and more.
With poems about facing down foes, when feeling down and out, and what to do when
life throws you curveballs – she shares her private thoughts on how to do more than just ‘deal with it’.

All with the hope of inspiring others to find a bit of inspiration to go out into the world and make it a bit more brighter with positivity.



Sweet Seducing Sighs

A few loves start off sweet, while others turn on heat with their powers of seduction, but all lead to many sighs.
These five couples fall beautifully into each other and come undone from their slow and scorching burns of romance in K.McCoy’s first passion filled novelette.


Feeling Old School and would love a Printed Copy?

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Soprano Speaks (link coming soon)

Sweet Seducing Sighs