I F*cks With Mr. Pancakes!

Dzien dobry Musings! I recently paid a visit to the ever popular Mr. Pancakes here in Krakow and wanted to tell you all about it. First off – let me just say that I love their ‘Fuck Diet’ motto! That was your first hint as to what type of meals to expect from this restaurant.Continue reading “I F*cks With Mr. Pancakes!”


2 Weeks in Kosmopolita!

Dzien dobry Musings! My quarantine is officially over and I am ready to tell you more about where I am staying here in Krakow. The full name of the aparthotel is Kosmopolita Rooms & Apartments! It’s located in the Old Town section of Krakow and so far it’s been great. The hotel provided me withContinue reading “2 Weeks in Kosmopolita!”

Goodbye TaLK!

I taught my last class for TaLK this semester. My mentor teacher explained to me why (the kids now have tests to take before the end of the semester, so there is no more time for English class) yesterday and even though I am sadden by the news, I understand. Also, in a way, thisContinue reading “Goodbye TaLK!”