Just a Fountain of Feelings for JooYoung!


This artists music always gets much replay on my mp3, and his latest mini album, ‘Fountain’ is no exception!

*sidenote – who exactly do I need to speak to over at Starship to get  proper promotion of their artists?*

I’m over here like –


Anyway, back to the album.

These 6 tracks have been on repeat since I discovered them late last night, and I’m sorry that I’m not the least bit sorry about that.

So I want to share how I feel about each one using gifs 🙂

Track 1 – Daydream


Once I heard those first 10 seconds, I know that I was in for some sweet sounds! His soothing voice softly calmed me like a lullaby and I could not get rid of the goofy grin that I had on my face the whole time.

Track 2 – Dive


Straight away, I was all in for the beat. Seriously, JooYoung and company, could you perhaps release an instrumental album? Because you have never let me down when it comes to producing those sounds! Okay?

And second…the first thing I heard following that was, “…into you I wanna dive…”.



I know that Korean artists love – FLOVE to set up pretty proses of poetry that leave us unsuspecting fans with Sweet Seducing Sighs (I really couldn’t help myself with that one), so I was just going to smell the bouquet and enjoy the fragrance.

Then I came across this picture: maxresdefault

Wae? Wae?! Naega WAE?!

*takes a calming breath to remove not so pure thoughts before continuing*

Track 3 – 처음 (featuring Sole)


I love this duet! He always has the best ballad duets, and it was nice to hear.

The harmonies were great too.

Track 4 – Wine (featuring G. Soul)


When I first saw the track list and notice that another one of my favorite crooners was listed as a feature, I almost went straight to this song. Somehow I managed not to do that, and of course I was bless by two delicate tenors over a steady up tempo beat.


Track 5 – Planet Girl (featuring PH-1)



This track starts off with a few simple melancholy like notes, and gradually builds throughout. But what got me were the lyrics! And PH-1? Yeah, he’s on my list of artists to listen to more now. That voice of his – unf!

This track overall is my favorite.

Track 6 – Fountain


A dang near perfect closing track if there ever was one! Gave me 1st mini album feels too 🙂


All in all, this mini album is a mood!

A sweet 21 minutes of heaven, courtesy of one of my favorite crooners.

주영  감사합니다!


Day 15: Song Works!

Okay, so this is more than a snippet. LOL

I am currently taking a class on Coursera (thanks to Berklee College of Music) called Modern Musician. It is a 4 week Capstone project, where you learn (or improve upon) your songwriting, music theory and production skills to prepare you for opportunities to work in the industry.

The first week we had to write a song and make a simple recording of that song. At first I was so excited about this challenge. For years I have written songs, so I thought it would be easy.

Only to find out that I was wrong. Oh, so very wrong!

What I have been doing all this time is just writing my feelings down – making poems at best. Which is cool and all, but I won’t make the mistake of saying that I have been songwriting again.

From my prospective, there are a few more layers to consider when writing a song than when I am working on a piece. Yeah, the writing process can start out the same, but then you have to structure a song musically with you overall message.

Making sure to get that right sound to showcase or enhance your intended feelings for that song is hard. Especially if the only instrument you’ve ever been somewhat good at is your voice (like me). My guitar and piano playing skills are still at the basic learning stages and that made it even more challenging.

And at the end of week one, this is what I produced. My first original song, titled ‘Watch Me‘. I wanted to write something that was pro body positive and being cool, comfortable, and confident with yourself.

My first attempt  at this, I had this cool funky loop that I used that went well with the feelings that I wanted to get across. A fun and upbeat sample, without too much going on in the background. But I had gotten that loop from another course and didn’t think it would okay to use it for this class. Which lead to me making my first ever chord chart to a new song!

It isn’t the best, but I was content with it and submitted it. This time I got the message of the song out loud and clear. The problem I’m running into is how do I combine these 2 elements on this song?

For the past few days I have been looking and listening to Royalty-Free samples to find something that could help me out. I still haven’t found a DAW yet either. Also, I want to eventually collaborate with someone in the future 🙂

So I come to ya’ll for feedback and suggestions! If you have a (free) DAW that you swear by – let me know and why. Or if you could listen to the tracks and share your thoughts, that would be great too.

Thank you in advance, and I’ll be sure to post an update soon 🙂

Stay inspiring my Muses!

-Soprano Musings

My Set List


I’ve decided to share my set schedule list for future reference on all social media.

Mainly because I want a little accountability and figured if I post and share it across my platforms that someone somewhere will call me out on it if I don’t stick to it 🙂

Ain’t social media grand that way?!

Okay then – let’s go!


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Sunday Local Sundays – Once a month

Freakyflyfreshtracksfridays – Weekly


Music Reviews – Once a month

Blog Post – Twice a month


Saturday Snippets – Once a month

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Now that you know my schedule – help me stay accountable by following me on these social medias and connecting with me! Would love to some reviews on any underground or unsigned artists. Or collaborate with another musician – that would be fun!