Excuse me for Staring

  Being in South Korea is still amazing! I’ve found my groove with balancing school, teaching, being flexible with schedule changes, studying/improving my Korean, and sight seeing in my city. As for the weather: I’m from Florida ya’ll! That just can’t be helped. LOL Anyway, back to the original point of this post. Sometimes IContinue reading “Excuse me for Staring”

Self Care Season

The holidays are approaching, and for me that means that it’s time to up the self care regime. On any given day I find myself waking up well before my alarm clock and just laying in silence as I listen to the traffic outside. It’s nice. Or I’ll queue up a playlist to motivate myselfContinue reading “Self Care Season”

Just Another Day

Only Zion T on heavy replay is going to get me through the next 2 days. As most of you know, I have been in South Korea for the past few months. I was accepted into the TALK program. Overall, it’s great! For teaching English in a public school, I get to live and experienceContinue reading “Just Another Day”