Self Care Season

The holidays are approaching, and for me that means that it’s time to up the self care regime.

On any given day I find myself waking up well before my alarm clock and just laying in silence as I listen to the traffic outside. It’s nice.

Or I’ll queue up a playlist to motivate myself to get up from the comfy warm covers to dance. Depending on the song that random plays, I tend to dance in three stages: Silly, Sensually, or Super Sonic Fast 🙂

Each stage is an expression of self love. They remind me of how far I’ve come (from my ‘Siren Muse’ days) and how much more I have to grow. And it’s just fun to be in my little studio dancing by myself, enjoying my own company. Recently in one of the Facebook groups that I am in, there was a post for a 20 day mental wellness challenge starting in November. I decided to take part in it and share the challenge with all of you!


Now, I won’t lie – at least 4 of these tasks will be hard for me to complete. But I will try my best to do them all. That is really the heart of all of this – to try to get through this thing called life on our best terms and at peace with ourselves.

What are your steps towards self care? How do you protect your mental health?

I would love for you to think about those questions and then share one of your answers in the comments. Until next time Musings!

Be inspired. Stay inspiring.

– Soprano Musings


Wishfully Waiting

First, allow me to properly thank Dan AragĂłn for making this photo available for free on @unsplash. It captures my current mood so well as I listen to LoFi Hip Hop radio via Youtube at the moment.

Now I can begin my update from my post last month.

My documents for the teaching internship program that I applied for were, in fact, received by the GA consulate. All is not lost but instead completed. At least on my end 🙂

I have completed my initial and final interviews for the internship, and am now waiting to hear back from the head office overseas in regards to whether or not I was accepted. On or before June 1st I should know the outcome. How am I keeping myself busy until then?

  • Catching up on my blogs.
  • Working as many hours as I can at both of my jobs.
  • Spending time with my friends.
  • Going to the beach.
  • Creating a new vlog playlist on my YouTube channel.

The light at the end of the tunnel can almost be seen! I just hope it leads me to the sunny, magical, and beautiful side where my hopes and dreams can take flight.

As always, be inspired and stay inspiring musings!

– Soprano Musings

Make Up Noob to Beauty Bakerie Bombshell?!


Hello there musings!

In midst of preparing to continue my wanderlust adventures, I have been sprinkled with fairy dust by a lovely makeup fairy!

Though…I do not know much when it comes to makeup. I am a total noob to the makeup world, in fact.

No matter how many Jackie Aina videos that I watch, I can not seem to master the art of ‘serving face’. The most recent video that I did watch from Auntie Jackie was a foundation review on the makeup line by Beauty Bakerie. Which is what inspired me to come up with another topic for my soon-to-be revived YouTube channel – Make Up Noob to Beauty Bombshell!

The title is still a bit of a work in progress, as I have only purchased a few items from their site, but the challenge that I have set for myself is now out there in the universe. Now is the time for me to work more on my visuals, and the first step to that is to recognize that I (sigh! lol) am a brand. And it is now time for me to work on presenting my brand as best as I can, so learning about makeup with an affordable, fun, and polished line such as Beauty Bakerie I believe is the way to go.

Expect a super short yet sweet video from me about this line in the next few weeks musings! In the mean time, if you would like to check out their site and you happen to see a few things that you would like, click here for free shipping on your order!

Until then, be inspired and stay inspiring!

-Soprano Musings