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The Anniversary of my First Love

The Velvet Rope, Janet Jackson’s sixth studio album was released in 1997.

I fell hard and fast in love with music in 1995.

When the realization that I’ve been in love with music for this long left me feeling all sorts of things. Shocked, awed, appreciative, and loved are the main things running through my heart. Folks have come and gone, I now have a few regrets, some gray hair strands, and have begun to travel the world.

But the one constant in my life has been music. For over 20 years now!

Making it the longest relationship that I have ever been in to date.

Of course, I had to write about that, because I am proud of that fact. It tells folks so much about me, in a weird way. What I was like growing up, my political stance, my pride in being a woman,  my ‘sexually awaking’ moments, and how I like to be silly and dance half naked in my bedroom….


And I flove how Janet Jackson is still apart of my life’s playlist. The first song I remember hearing from her is ‘Pleasure Principle’.  I remember being home alone and seeing that video of her just dancing and singing her heart out.  The feeling that I felt watching her was new to me and I didn’t know what to call it until much later. It was happiness.

I was fascinated with her then, and that fascination only grew when The Velvet Rope came out. The video ‘If‘ aired on MTV and I was glued to the screen! Then came ‘Together Again’, ‘Go Deep’, and ‘I Get Lonely’ and I was head over heels for Ms. Jackson then. There was no going back after I finally heard the full album that December!

Up until this point in my life (at the tender age of 13 or 14 – seriously, someone should have been monitoring what music I listened to back then! LOL), I had not seen many black women express themselves in such a way and it captivated me. Seeing her with her curly hair, septum, and natural roots style – I knew that would be my look when I grew up.

Even though I didn’t get my septum piercing until 2015 🙂

Other artists and songs have come along since, but Janet Jackson is still one of my all-time favorites. Her gentle voice, honest lyrics, and boldness in always experimenting and allowing herself to be as free as possible through her music are almost unrivaled to any other.

So, allow me to thank her and celebrate the anniversary of one of her best albums within this post. As I celebrate the beautiful anniversary of my first love –  music.

Thank you.

-Soprano Musings

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TEFL in Thailand

Whoa! I did it again 🙂

I know that it’s been over a month since my last entry, but I have (somewhat) a good reason. These TEFL classes overseas are grueling!

The sights are at least nice, but that is not the main reason for my visit to Koh Samui, Thailand 🙂

I have mentioned several posts ago that I would love the opportunity to teach overseas and now I am learning how to teach – while overseas.

The class is normally a month long, but for this month we only have 3 weeks. And the first week….intense is an understatement!

I do like how active and hands on the course is though. It’s just so much information at once! It’s taking me some time to really process all that I am learning. And on top of being in a different country – that part hadn’t dawned on me until a few days ago!

I would love to stay in Thailand a bit longer. At least until the end of the year, but since I do not have a BA, my options of truly teaching overseas are limited. So now I’m thinking of giving Spain or Cambodia a try, or head back to the states and teach privately.

I also had a thought of volunteering once a week somewhere back home too. To gain some teaching experience and a demo portfolio for those interested in me privately tutoring them.

Also, I have been interviewing via Skype for online jobs too. I have one more interview this Monday (or technically Tuesday because of the time zone – lol).

First, I have to pass this TEFL course! It’s either a pass or fail system, with a chance to have a merit attached to your pass status.

So wish me luck everyone and I’ll see you soon!

(currently working on a few one shots to share with you all in the next few days)


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Smashwords Interview

Deciding on which eBooks site to use was so hard.

There are so many to choose from, but I managed to narrow it down to 3 for where I want to distribute my future works.

I am still working on my bio at the moment, but I did have my first interview recently with Smashwords.

And I decided to share it with ya’ll here.

Be sure to check out my page in December for more info (and for the release of my first book)!

Interview with K. McCoy

Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?
I grew up in a sleepy small town called Fort Myers, FL.
My writing hasn’t been influenced by where I grew up – at least I don’t think it has.
When did you first start writing?
I want to say that I started writing small bits of poetry in….’96? ’97?
Not quite sure of the year, but when I wrote my first short story and I said to myself, “Hey – I may be good enough to call myself an author someday!” was in 2014.
Do you remember the first story you ever wrote?
Wow! This one takes me back a bit 🙂
The first official short story that I had ever written was back in middle school.
It was for a homework assignment – something about a little girl wanting a sleigh for Christmas and her family not being able to afford one. Then on a dark and stormy night (I know how cliche that sounds, but that’s how it happened in my story!) a stranger came to their home in need of help and the family offers him shelter for the night. The next morning he leaves and as a token of thanks he gives them a red shiny sleigh.
I was all for happy coincidences and endings back in the day.
What motivated you to become an indie author?
The never ending need to share my experiences, feelings, and thoughts with the world is what motivated me to become an indie author.
Writing has always been a creative outlet for me, and over the years I have wanted to connect with others through my work.
And in order to do that you have to eventually put yourself out there.
So once I accepted that truth (and faced the fears that came along with that) I started my journey to becoming an indie author.
What is your writing process?
My writing process is so random!
I have at least half a dozen story concepts and not quite finished poems saved on my phone at any give time because of my randomness.
Sometimes I get stuck on a story and have to go to one of my think tanks – the beach, the park, or my favorite local brewery and just sit with whatever I have written so far until inspiration finds me.
Most of the time I start writing when my mind is struck with an idea, or a thought refuses to leave my head.
And I swear – most of my best work comes to me when I’m walking somewhere or on the city bus heading home.
It is all at random, but I love my writing process!
What’s the story behind your latest book?
My latest book is a small collection of poems and short stories that I feel best summarizes my feelings right now. Who I am, how I think, and how I see things at this point in my life. So to answer your question, the story in my latest book is all about me 🙂
What are you working on next?
My next book is one that I have been working on for years now.
It’s a story about a girl trying to pursue her dreams without completely losing herself in the process.
And I am so excited about sharing this story!
When you’re not writing, how do you spend your time?
I visit my friends, go to the beach, do a little yoga, or just stay home and watch Chinese and/or Korean dramas from my laptop computer 🙂
My closest friends are all excellent cooks, so if I’m visiting them I know that a good meal is coming my way (and a game or two of ‘Cards Against Humanity’ too – LOL)