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Samui TEFL is the BEST!

Last week I became a TEFL teacher and I have to thank Samui TEFL!

It was a tough 3 week course, though honestly I would not change one second of this experience. Most folks would say that I was crazy for spending my birthday in Thailand – teaching P4 students for my teacher practicums while sweating profusely and receiving a painfully honest critique afterwards.

Though if I had not seen this TEFL program through, I would not have received the knowledge needed to teach English as a a foreign/second language. I would not have learned more specifically what areas that I am lacking in as a teacher.

Not only do I have more tools at my disposal to be a more sound teacher, I now know what subjects I need improving in to become the best TEFL teacher that I can be to my future students!

Spending time on the beautiful and welcoming island of Koh Samui, Thailand was the icing on the cake πŸ™‚

Again, thank you Samui TEFL for this amazing opportunity!

I promise to try my best to do you all proud. And to check in every few months or so to share my journey as a TEFL teacher in Mexico πŸ™‚

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Me? Teach (and Learn)?

As most of ya’ll know – South Korea has been calling me this year.

And I have decided that I want to go and see it all in person πŸ™‚

The more that I learn about the culture (and food), the more I know that I don’t want to just visit for a few weeks. I want to stay. For at least a year.

So, I have decided to prepare for teaching in South Korea!

Since it is so competitive there these days, I have started to learn Hangul. I’m still waiting on my passport, and am almost done with my AA. Now, to teach in Korea, you need at least a BA, so I figure that while I am still in school for that I can continue my Hangul studies and take the required TEFL courses online.

And if anyone has any suggestions on where to start with that – please let me know πŸ™‚

Someone asked me one night why I want to teach in South Korea (now that I’ve told my closest family/friends about my decision, I can’t seem to stop talking about it. lol) and I legit teared up.

I was just so happy, and I had never really said my response out loud before. Yes, I love the language. I’ve studied other languages before, but Hangul seems to make the most sense to me and even when I’m struggling with it – I still am excited about learning it.

The culture and history is also interesting to me, but the main reason why I want to teach is the possibilities. Β The idea of teaching kids and in turn learning from them is one that I never considered before. And the thought of being able to show them a positive representation of a black woman is amazing!

I know that it is going to be hard – if I even get the chance to teach. But I can’t shake the image and feeling that I get from the possibility Β of teaching and hopefully doing away with the negative stereotypes surrounding my culture while being in theirs.

Sigh. So I plan on spending the next 3 years preparing for the opportunity. Because when it comes I don’t want to miss it.

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Day 20: Sunny Purgatory

Yea! I made it through to the end of our Photography 101 Challenge πŸ™‚

Although I didn’t complete days 18 and 19 I am still celebrating.

Ya’ll are probably wondering why, so let me cut right to it. For almost a year now, I have gone back and forth, cried some tears, had a few drinks, and spun myself right round about what my future plans will be regarding studying music.

Will I give it another go at my local college? Maybe look for work at some starter up company? Should I pack up and do like they do in the movies and move to some big busy city?

The answer to all of those questions are no. I’m not as dramatic as I thought πŸ™‚

I have decided to finish getting my AA and pursue my BA at my local university. Although I did recently found out that my current college is offering an Audio Technology Certificate…which could help me gain work that will PAY in the future…if I can fit it into my last 2 semesters (this Fall and Spring) then I will consider it.

Though for now, at least this summer, I am going to knock out more of my general classes. And when I can, I will still study music. As well as practice my guitar, voice, and piano on campus.

Then this time next year I’ll be study…History? Language? Art?

I haven’t decided yet. Though I do know that I still have plenty of reasons to smile. Because I had an opportunity to try, and that’s more than most. Going to school for something that I am so passionate about was great – even when it was really hard. That doesn’t mean that it’s over, that I just stop pursuing a career in music.

There are many more roads to travel in this field. And I intend to seek them out. Now that I am out of this purgatory that I’ve put myself in.

Things are looking up ya’ll!