Artist Awareness

Last year was EPIC for me as an artist! I finally decided to put myself out there for everyone to see and it didn’t end as badly as I thought it would.

Now I am working on a short biographical profile and would like some feedback. So read on and share your thoughts 🙂

Created with Nokia Smart Cam
Serious yet still silly Soprano Musings


Soprano Musings wants to live in a world where there is a vinyl record shop in every city and random acts of kindness run wild.

As a Music Freelancer new to the scene, she has begun showcasing her songwriting and poetry skills at Howl’s Tattoo and Art Gallery. In late December, she ventured out to rediscover her thespian talents with The Florida Laboratory Theater in her hometown of Fort Myers, FL.

When she’s not on Netflix, or playing Cards against Humanity with her friends, you can find her listening and discovering new music on sound cloud or writing down some crazy dream, idea, or short story down in her journal.


Her first book,  ‘Hits Keep Coming’ (Working Title) will be available online this December.


Find out how to connect and create with her at