Music Freelancer – What?


When I really got serious about building my brand Soprano Musings, there was one question that I heard everywhere I went:

What is it that you do?

It literally stomp me the first few times. Then I decided to get cute and stomp folks back with my answer, ” I am a music freelancer.”

The looks I received were well worth it!

In all seriousness, I thought it was an acceptable and fairly easy response. Until I realized that not every person I encounter is as well versed in the music jargon as I am becoming.

Even I must admit that I didn’t know the basics until I started my journey of finding myself as a musical artist. So once I finished my slice of humble pie, I thought it would be beneficial to those not in the know to explain what I mean when I say that in the business of music freelancing.

Disclaimer: Again, this is MY take on this. If you have another definition or view it differently, please feel free to share it in the comment sections down bottom below. I would love to get a discussion going about this – can never be too through šŸ™‚

The word Freelance is defined as someone who sells (or leases) their services out for a fee and charges a agreed upon price.

I love music. I have been singing for years. Now that I am gaining recognition locally and academically for doing so, I am now able to offer my talents (my voice and guitar skills) to others.

How cool is THAT? For years I have been performing for an audience of one, and now I am able to perform for hundreds?! Thousands?! Never thought that I would ever be able to do that!

Right now I am performing mostly for benefit shows (especially those that bring awareness and support to the local arts) and open mics. Though I am open to doing recitals, weddings, and special occasions.

In short – that is what I do as a music freelancer.

For business inquires, please email:

All deposits agreed upon are to be made here:

Soprano Musings

Thank you!


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