All About Soprano Musings!


My name is Neece McCoy. Soprano Musings is my moniker of choice.

For years I have volunteered with the Music Department as well as the Arts and Crafts Department within my hospital.

Since the age of twelve I have been in love with music. So after high school and years of working temp jobs that left me restless I decided to enroll at my local college.

After a few semesters of stumbling through the theory and ear training, I decided to step back and evaluate if an academic approach to music is right for me.

When I can I also work as a Music Freelancer (my side hustle).

Singing is my weapon of choice, which explains why my principal instrument was Voice (Soprano/Alto). I am also learning the piano and guitar – you can thank Nina Simone, Stevie Wonder, and Sister Rosetta Tharpe for that! If you aren’t  familiar with who those incredible folks are – no worries – follow my page and you will be soon.

After having a YouTube channel for the last year, I now feel the need to learn more about photography, music production, video production, interviewing, the music business as a whole and anything else that I can about music that is not taught in a classroom.

Ready to connect with others about my love for music! Especially the local musicians and artists where I currently reside.

Stay tuned and watch what develops!


3 thoughts on “All About Soprano Musings!

    1. Thank you. That really means so much to hear. Now that I know I’m heading in the right direction, I am more committed to providing/producing more visual and interesting content 🙂

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