Goodbye TaLK!

I taught my last class for TaLK this semester.

My mentor teacher explained to me why (the kids now have tests to take before the end of the semester, so there is no more time for English class) yesterday and even though I am sadden by the news, I understand.

Also, in a way, this helps me and the kids in saying goodbye to one another. I was trying not to freak out about next week and this makes the transition out of teaching in TaLK less painful. The thought of facing my students, knowing that it would be my last class with them was daunting, and I wasn’t sure if I would be able to get through it without getting a little misty eyed. So having (unknowingly) my last class earlier than expected feels great!

I will still get to see the kids for a few more days before the end of the semester (since my contract does not end until the end of the month). Just without the weight of worrying about my last class on my mind.

And… I received my certificate of completion for the Teach and Learn in Korea program!

My MT gave it to me, along with all the other documents that I would need before leaving Korea, before we went to apply for my NPS refund.

I still have to show up to school for the next few days, but while I’m there I now have more time to study for whatever I want! Korean, Spanish, Polish, or the CELTA – it is ladies’ choice fam!

All in all, my time with the TaLK program is coming to a close and I am happy.

Happy to have had this incredible experience, to learn and develop more as an ESL (or TEFL/TESOL, whichever alphabet soup you prefer) Teacher, and to call this beautiful country my home away from home for the last two years.

Thank you TaLK.


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