Celebration Central!

Today is my bornday and I want to celerate with all of you!

This year has been one for the books, so I have to make sure to celebrate making it to 37!

I’ve had a light breakfast, an interview for K.McCoy, and have spent the last hour dancing in all my black girl joy around the apartment to my latest curated Birthday playlist. Honestly, I never thought that I would be one to go all out for celebrating my birthday. It was something other people did, and after trying to do it myself a decade ago and having no one show up, I just gave up.

Now here I am – celebrating me all by myself and I flove it!

The thing is that I didn’t belive I should celebrate my birthday then, but now it is my favorite holiday (coming in second only to New Years’ Eve, lol)! I had to learn that I am worth celebrating.

Learning that was one of my favorite lessons to date and I am so thankful for having figured that out. So even though I am far away from my loved ones, I know that I am loved. And more than that, I love myself! So today I am taking a break from my CELTA study guide reviews, from studying Polish, Korean, Spanish, and from preparing for my move next month.

Today is all about me!

Now, go out and be inspired! Don’t forget to stay inspiring too!

-Soprano Musings

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