The Rona Checkin

March 2nd was the date that I begin to self quarantine, and I wish that I can say that it’s been smooth sailing since, but that would be a whole ass lie.

My menes showed up on the 3rd and symptoms with it that I normally have made me dismiss the possibility that I was ‘properly’ sick. Now that I think back to that week, I honestly don’t know if I had the flu (it is a possibility since I didn’t get my annual shot this Winter) or the Rona.

I have never been so thankful to have a main job that encouraged me to stay home with paid leave. Now school has been delayed until April 6 and I do not want to be the foreigner that exposes everyone in my school to this virus, so today I am going to the clinic to get tested.

Yeah, I’m nervous, but again, I am in a place where the response to covid 19 has been swift and overall positive. There is also the fact that I have been self quarantined for almost 21 days now, so I feel pretty good about whatever results I get from the clinic.

I just want to be sure that I am okay. And the first step for me to do that is to go to the clinic and see what the results are. Maybe they’ll low key just say that I’m fat and should use this time to make better eating choices so that I can lose some weight. Maybe it is something more serious. Either way, I will have answers in about 3 hours, so expect another update to this post soon.

-Soprano Musings

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