My Teaching Routine!

Okay, here comes the blog that you all have been waiting for – my daily teaching routine!

First off, your class depends on you being your best, so I try to keep myself full of energy and healthy. This means getting at least 6 to 7 hours of sleep, drinking about 2 liters of water, and eating balanced meals every day.

Except on the weekends. I’m just trying to be honest. Especially on Saturdays! On those days you can find me …

Over Sleeping.png

Sunday is reserved for self care. I tend to my hair and work on my side hustles before going to bed to get ready for a full week of teaching.

I am required to be at my school Monday through Friday, but I only teach roughly 15-20 hours. Monday is my busiest day, as I also co-teach with the Korean English teacher for 4 classes and have 3 after school classes. My slowest day is Tuesday, where I only co-teach for 1 class and have desk warming in the morning.

Because I detest being late for work, I get to school around 7:30am.


Yeah. LOL

But it’s the best time for me because no one else is there so it’s quiet. And I enjoy the silence as I put on my makeup, check my emails, and have breakfast. Kids start arriving to school at 8 and classes start at 9am, which is when I officially start ‘work’.

So on Mondays I kick things off by co-teaching with the school’s English teacher, whose teaching method is extremely different from mine, so it’s been a little challenging this semester. Though now I think we have figured out what works for us and the kids seem to like the lessons. To me that is all that matters.

After back to back co-teaching, I have lunch before my last co-teaching class of the day. Right after that class my after school classes start. So once those classes end – I am DONE for the day!

In my next blog, I will give ya’ll some of my favorite teaching tips. See ya then!

And, as always, be inspired and stay inspiring!

-Soprano Musings


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