Soprano Musings Photography!


Okay, did ya’ll not see this coming?

I’m sure you did!

My confidence has been growing and I’m in a position to really give it a go this time around. Soprano Musings Photography is happening everyone!




Since I’ll be here in South Korea for another 18 months (*fingers crossed*), I’ve decided to really learn how to develop my take photos professionally and find my style as a photographer. So essentially I’ll begin building my portfolio and having fun as much as I can along the way!

Please check out my latest website and let me know what ya’ll think!

If anything else, I know a few professional photographers back in the States that I can possibly work for as an assistant 🙂

Check back in a few days as I share some more teaching overseas / TaLK updates!


Be inspired and stay inspiring Musings!

-Soprano Musings


Published by sopranomusingsphotography

Seeing one 'acceptable' troupe for fat black women like me was more than enough to entice me to step up and take a shot! ______________________________________________________________________________________________ After spending hours on stock pile sites and not finding the images of women that she wanted to see on her blog or book covers led K. McCoy to make more of her photography hobby. Besides shooting portraits, street and travel photography, K. McCoy would love to tap more into her creative skills and collaborate with cosplay artists as well as authors looking for their dream book covers. To connect with Soprano Musings Photography further, visit their Facebook page or slide into their Instagram DMs at 'sopranomusingsshots' today!

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