Ready to take on South Korea!

Well, I did it again.

I fell off the grid with my monthly blogs. And I’m sorry! Though, as always, I had a good reason. For the last several months I have been preparing to teach overseas in South Korea, and it has all but consumed me Musings. Now I am a mere three – yeah THREE – days away from flying to South Korea!

My training begins in mid-August, and I will spend a little bit of time at a lovely Guesthouse near Incheon International Airport. Of course, I will do a proper vlog review, but I would also like to ask you all for some suggestions on what else I should do leading up to my training? I still plan on working online (until the day before my training starts because after that I can no longer tutor online) so I will have a few hours during the day to explore.

The name of the Guesthouse that I will be staying in is the K-Guesthouse, which is just a few miles away from the Incheon Airport. I would like to stay close by, so I don’t get lost 🙂

As always, your good wishes and suggestions are appreciated. Thank you for joining me on my next journey – in South Korea!

Be inspired and stay inspiring Musings 🙂

-Soprano Musings


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