Today marks the 13th birthday of my first Kpop/hip hop group, Epik High.

I’ve listened to these guys for years now – lately I find myself putting their albums on repeat when I am working on a chapter in my book, when I have writers block, or just because my day was more than trying and my heart needs a bit of soothing peace.

A few months ago, during one of my writers’ funks I pulled out Remapping the Human Soul and got lost in the lyrics and flow of it all. When I put it on replay, I wrote the piece below. I wasn’t intending on ever sharing it, because I thought it was mad corny 🙂

But today, after watching Thank you, From Tablo…How could I NOT share it?

Happy anniversary guys. Thank you for sharing your craft with us all these years.

I hope to see ya’ll in concert someday!

 I look forward to more EPIK things from you guys in the years to come.

-Soprano Musings

My First Love was EPIK

One cool sound.

Is what drew me into their vibe.

Then I learned

The name of their mother tongue.

And wanted more…

Their overall flow left my head spinning.

Tukutz gave my ears the sweetest beats.

Tablo lyrics spoke softly to my feelings.

Mithra rhymed hard to my heart.

Each member sparking my creativity.

And now they all have a special place in my heart.



Copyright © 2016. All rights reserved



Published by sopranomusingsphotography

Seeing one 'acceptable' troupe for fat black women like me was more than enough to entice me to step up and take a shot! ______________________________________________________________________________________________ After spending hours on stock pile sites and not finding the images of women that she wanted to see on her blog or book covers led K. McCoy to make more of her photography hobby. Besides shooting portraits, street and travel photography, K. McCoy would love to tap more into her creative skills and collaborate with cosplay artists as well as authors looking for their dream book covers. To connect with Soprano Musings Photography further, visit their Facebook page or slide into their Instagram DMs at 'sopranomusingsshots' today!

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