Girl got LOOPS!

Heya Musings!

It has been quite some time since I have talked about my journey into songwriting.

Lately I have been sorting out poems and short stories for my first ebook šŸ™‚

Along the way I have started to look over some of my poems to see if a song could be arranged from any of them. Yes, a few do have the potential. I just doubt myself and my abilities. lol

Well, thanks to my Music Capstone class from coursera and this free app that I found – the struggle is half over! I am now into week 3 of my Berklee School of Music course, and this week’s assignment is to create a ‘Rough Bounce’. I was hesitant because this is where I left off during my last attempt with this course. But today I finally tested out Music Maker Jam, a free app that was recommended to me in my xbox store.

And it is AWESOME ya’ll!

Since I lack most of the equipment needed, having this app is great for allowing me to experiment with sounds. Also, I can now make my own ORIGINAL loops to use on my YouTube channel šŸ™‚

Expect a rave video review on my channel soon about this app you guys – it is seriously that good.

Until next time – Be inspired and Stay inspiring!

Take Care

-Soprano Musings


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