Day 16: Remember Him.

*Excuse me as I try to control my feelings long enough to type up this post*

I was cleaning my room and looking for 5 other forms of ID for the Passport Agency to complete my application for my passport last week. While grumbling my frustrations about nothing being wrong with the identification that I sent them, and how they are holding up my future traveling plans (that I have yet to make-smh/lol) I came across all my old journals.

So I decided to just leaf through them since it had been awhile since I’ve read where I was in my life. ‘Awhile’ turned into an hour spent laying on my bedroom floor laughing at myself 🙂

Until I got to the one journal I was most afraid to even look at. I didn’t read anything in it – just went to the bookmark that I knew was there and took this picture:


I know that it’s not much. And it’s not from some well known writer either (even though I think she’s the bees knees).

The title of the story is ‘Only You’. From a Samcedes fanfiction.

The year I lost my best friend.

There were days when I would see him everywhere. Hear his voice and lose focus on what I was suppose to be doing. Or miss his hugs so much that I would get angry at the world around me and spit venom at anyone that crossed me.

One day in my local mall, I was taking the back service entrance inside and the weight of his absence had me legit crumbling to the ground in pain. Sigh..

Then a few months later (I think) I came across this story. And when I read this quote, I typed it up and printed it out to place in the journal that I was writing in at the time.

Whenever my feelings became too much, I would read it until I was calm again.

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