Day 10: Punk Rock Nights

Every second Friday of the month is our local Music Walks.

Throughout the downtown district, artists and bands litter the streets with their sounds from 6 pm until about 11 pm. When this event first started  a few years ago I floved the idea! Even took a chance and performed with Luxe for last December’s Music Walks. Learned plenty that night…lol

Between not having an amp, random folks ‘requesting’ songs and smiles (smdh), and the overall competitive vibe among the other musicians in the section that I was in – I lasted almost 90 full minutes before I quickly packed up and sprinted to the first trolley out of there.

This is legit how I felt while I was there:


(Still working on developing my eye for lighting. To be fair, all these pictures I did take with my Lumia 640

I’ve been to a few others (as a spectator, not a performer) since then. But with all the distortion from the  bands with access to an outlet and the ‘delightful’ drunkards that suggest I smile more (grrrr!) had turned me off from ever going back.

WP_20160318_19_59_28_Pro (1)The Young Dead – Bringing ‘The Punk’ to Fort Myers!

Then I meet the front woman to this group ( Angela, The Young Dead). She is also the Founder of Love Your Rebellion, which I am happy to say I am apart of as well!

And they were AWESOME!

Here is one of the songs from their set that night.

You can find a few more on my YouTube channel by clicking here. Enjoy!

Do ya’ll have something like this in your town for locals and musicians?

If so, tell me about it in the comments below 🙂


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