Day 6: Language Links

On my way home today, I took a few shots of my condo entrance with my Lumia 640.


I know most folks are probably wondering, “Why would she want a pic of the letter E?”

You may see an ‘E’ , but I see the Korean letter ‘T’. It’s missing a vowel (because in Hangul/Korean consonants can not stand alone) though. Funny enough, on the wall adjacent Β to it is the letter ‘A’, which I now translate to ‘ㅏ’. Or to ‘ㅐ’

One of my goals is to learn to properly read, write, and comprehend Hangul someday. So I have started to learn the alphabet πŸ™‚

Honestly – it makes lots of sense (the Hangul alphabet) when you break it down. For me now it’s a matter of practicing daily, working on my pronunciation, and memorizing words. As well as their many, many meanings!

For example, did you know that ‘Bae’ means belly and pear in Korean? So depending on the conversation, that could get really interesting πŸ˜‰

A few weeks ago, I started Sarang Hallyu so I can have a place to talk more about why exactly I am learning Korean. You can check out my first vlog below:

There will be more discussions about this topic from me coming soon (and I would love to hear your thoughts and/or experiences as well!), but for now I leave ya’ll with a few links that I have begun to connect in my mind.

Someday in the future I will be a Konglish speaker ya’ll πŸ™‚


How do ya’ll connect these days? Is there something others may find odd that you connect with? Let me know in the comments!


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6 thoughts on “Day 6: Language Links

  1. Awesome awesome! Although you don’t need any shots to come over here – I live in Incheon (about an hour from Seoul) and you will LOVE it here!

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    1. Thanks for the recommendation! I’ve been reading a bit about other cities not too far from Seoul (because living in Seoul can be pricey-lol) and Incheon sounds lovely! Will be sure to visit when I can πŸ™‚

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      1. If you do apply to a teaching contract, 95% of them will cover your housing! And reimburse you for your flight lol. and lots of other pretty great perks

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