Day 4: Vinyl Bliss

Heya Musings! On this pretty perfect sunny day in the Sunshine State, I decided to visit my local vinyl shop. And decided to share my B.L.I.S.S with ya’ll about it 🙂

Took these photos on my new Nokia Lumia 640 phone. Really impressed with how well they turned out.


Joe’s Record Exchange. Located in Fort Myers, FL.

Ever since I came across this place last year, I have loved it! I think that they are the Best local vinyl shop in hometown honestly.


There is always Lots of great selections of vinyl (and other geeky merchandise) to choose from too!


The staff (pictured here is the main cashier, who was kind enough to let me take these pictures 🙂 ) are very knowledgeable about vinyl records and record players in general. And as someone who was just staring out, I appreciated how not Intimidating they were when I had questions about how to find things as well as how to take care of my vinyl.


As you can see from all the pictures so far, the store is kept Super clean and organized, making it that much easier to find whatever it is that you’re looking for – in whatever genres.


Though the one thing that I couldn’t capture is how awesome this place is about Supporting local talent and events in the area. They always let local performers come in with flyers (as long as they ask permission first) and leave them on the counter for others to see.

If you are ever in the area I hope you stop by and check them out!

You can also ‘Like’ them on Facebook at Joe’s Record Exchange

Sharing is Caring! Tell me what is your Bliss in the comments section below 🙂


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