Day 2 – Shady Side of the Street

Took this photo with my new Canon!

Kind of on the fence about removing the date and time from it though – I feel as though it’s good for making me accountable for taking daily pics, but I don’t like seeing it on my pics. Ugh – lol

Anyways, I like this shot because I feel it best capture the bus commuters’ view where I live. Folks have NO IDEA how many stops are this close to the roads. There is maybe – maybe 4 feet separating us from the road while waiting on the transit, and the majority of drivers on these back roads are going 45 mph!

Sigh…as an introvert, I already have people issues. Dealing with this 2 – 3 times a day for 5 days does not help the matter. Before heading out, I have to prepare myself and constantly stay alert to everything around me – I’m always on the lookout for hazardous drivers, joggers, big semis, and other pedestrians.

And if ya’ll only knew how many I see NOT paying attention, adjusting themselves, talking on their cell phones, trimming their nose hairs/putting on makeup, or just being inconsiderate dicks…

Sigh. small rant over 🙂

In short, this photo showcases the not so pleasant part of taking the public transit. While capturing my idea of the phrase, ‘Facing the Road Ahead’ literally.


Published by sopranomusingsphotography

Seeing one 'acceptable' troupe for fat black women like me was more than enough to entice me to step up and take a shot! ______________________________________________________________________________________________ After spending hours on stock pile sites and not finding the images of women that she wanted to see on her blog or book covers led K. McCoy to make more of her photography hobby. Besides shooting portraits, street and travel photography, K. McCoy would love to tap more into her creative skills and collaborate with cosplay artists as well as authors looking for their dream book covers. To connect with Soprano Musings Photography further, visit their Facebook page or slide into their Instagram DMs at 'sopranomusingsshots' today!

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