Day 2 – Shady Side of the Street

Took this photo with my new Canon!

Kind of on the fence about removing the date and time from it though – I feel as though it’s good for making me accountable for taking daily pics, but I don’t like seeing it on my pics. Ugh – lol

Anyways, I like this shot because I feel it best capture the bus commuters’ view where I live. Folks have NO IDEA how many stops are this close to the roads. There is maybe – maybe 4 feet separating us from the road while waiting on the transit, and the majority of drivers on these back roads are going 45 mph!

Sigh…as an introvert, I already have people issues. Dealing with this 2 – 3 times a day for 5 days does not help the matter. Before heading out, I have to prepare myself and constantly stay alert to everything around me – I’m always on the lookout for hazardous drivers, joggers, big semis, and other pedestrians.

And if ya’ll only knew how many I see NOT paying attention, adjusting themselves, talking on their cell phones, trimming their nose hairs/putting on makeup, or just being inconsiderate dicks…

Sigh. small rant over 🙂

In short, this photo showcases the not so pleasant part of taking the public transit. While capturing my idea of the phrase, ‘Facing the Road Ahead’ literally.

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