Day 1: Some Day, Some Where

The minute – second – I saw what the first prompt was for this Photograph Challenge, I became uneasy.

It’s been several years since I’ve felt compelled to call any place that I’ve resided home.

To me, home symbolizes a place of peace and comfort. Somewhere you go to escape the demands of the world. A calming place to collect your senses – where you can freely be yourself and shut out the demands of the world for awhile.

Right now I live in a nice condo (with the exception of a roommate I will not miss come this May when the lease is up) in a quiet neighborhood, but I still can not see it as my home.

The song Home, by Zero 7 come to mind. There is this line just before the main verses that I resonate with completely.

Take me somewhere we can be alone
Make me somewhere I can call a home

While I was on the bus from work, I was playing that song on my mp3. Just before it ended, I looked outside the window I was next to and almost instinctively knew that I needed a shot of the sky.

In that moment I thought of how I seem to always be traveling alone – with no clear destination in mind – searching for a place where I can really feel is home to me.

Some day I hope to find that place.

 I have to ask: Has anyone felt this way as well? 


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