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Day 1: Some Day, Some Where

The minute – second – I saw what the first prompt was for this Photograph Challenge, I became uneasy.

It’s been several years since I’ve felt compelled to call any place that I’ve resided home.

To me, home symbolizes a place of peace and comfort. Somewhere you go to escape the demands of the world. A calming place to collect your senses – where you can freely be yourself and shut out the demands of the world for awhile.

Right now I live in a nice condo (with the exception of a roommate I will not miss come this May when the lease is up) in a quiet neighborhood, but I still can not see it as my home.

The song Home, by Zero 7 come to mind. There is this line just before the main verses that I resonate with completely.

Take me somewhere we can be alone
Make me somewhere I can call a home

While I was on the bus from work, I was playing that song on my mp3. Just before it ended, I looked outside the window I was next to and almost instinctively knew that I needed a shot of the sky.

In that moment I thought of how I seem to always be traveling alone – with no clear destination in mind – searching for a place where I can really feel is home to me.

Some day I hope to find that place.

 I have to ask: Has anyone felt this way as well? 




Music has always been a part of me. No matter how many times I would try to pursue a career in something else I would find myself coming right back to it. So now I am done with running scared. I was all in on this journey. And I'm so glad that I saw it through, because it lead me to something that I love. Something that I didn't think was possible - the ability to become a self published author. For years I have written poems, my thoughts, short stories, and songs. Really it was just therapy to me, but now I want to see where else it can take me too. So I'm learning the social media ropes thanks to all these social media outlets. Also working up my nerve to face the networking scene for the artists and musicians in my hometown too. All with the hopes of connect with others who love music as much as I do. And to make some coin by music and write freelancing. Let's see what happens, shall we?

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