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Acts of Love


Is it truly better to have loved and lost than to have loved at all?

I think this line is used most by those who were used up by love and cannot let it go.
Kind of like how your favorite blues song sounds to your heart.

The lyrics are etched into your skin, notes constantly crawling around in your head long after they have been played.
Now they play in perfect tempo to the sound of your heavy heartbeat. No matter how many silent tears you cry, you will never be able to erase the words.
How can that be better?
It’s bitter to me.
What is even worse is that I am expected to act like nothings wrong.

When I still love you even more fiercely than before.


Copyright 2016. All Rights Reserved



Music has always been a part of me. No matter how many times I would try to pursue a career in something else I would find myself coming right back to it. So now I am done with running scared. I was all in on this journey. And I'm so glad that I saw it through, because it lead me to something that I love. Something that I didn't think was possible - the ability to become a self published author. For years I have written poems, my thoughts, short stories, and songs. Really it was just therapy to me, but now I want to see where else it can take me too. So I'm learning the social media ropes thanks to all these social media outlets. Also working up my nerve to face the networking scene for the artists and musicians in my hometown too. All with the hopes of connect with others who love music as much as I do. And to make some coin by music and write freelancing. Let's see what happens, shall we?

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