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Let’s Talk (About Love)

Oh, one of my least favorite four letter words…

The one that folks line up to sing, write sonnets, and to simply chat hours on end about.

Yes, I am talking about love.


As a musician, I can sing about love all day long. When asked personally about it though…I tend to evade and joke my way out of those conversations.

Until most recently. When I decided to acknowledge love in more than just a friendly, family, zest of life way.

Two years ago, on New Years Eve, I rung in the new year with a close friend. Neither one of us had any one else at the time to hang with, and we decided to make the most of it. I even put on a dress and tried to put on a pretty face.

We ended up having a great time! Trekking around downtown, drinking, and laughing. Once the clock struck midnight though, our stomachs called for something more than bourbon. As we made our way to the carport to head on out to Denny’s (our favorite Booze o’clock diner)…I was reunited with one of my IPLs.

Ideal Potential Lovah!

He’s this guy that I use to work with at a local music store. Real tall and sort of fit guy. With a great full head of shaggy, almost jet black hair. He also had these intense and sincere eyes, a kind smile, and very capable looking hands.

And his voice was this rich smooth timbre – almost bass – that sounded like hot butter spreading over toast! Sigh!

We talked for just under 5 minutes – nothing too deep. He was still just as chill as always, and maybe it was the booze in me at the time, but I wanted nothing more than to drag him to his car and spend the beginning of the New Year making out…

But that didn’t happen.

Instead, I said goodbye to him and drove to Denny’s with my friend. Didn’t even think about giving him my number until I got home.

Since that night, I can count on one hand how many other moments where something similar happened to me. As of last December, I finally felt ready to admit why it was now bothers me.

I think that I am ready for love ya’ll.

Yeah, I know. Shocked the hell out of me too!

One main reason why I held off on this topic is because I wasn’t sure what ‘love’ meant to me.

Did I want the happily ever after that is always portrayed, or something else? With whom? And when?

So this February, I decided to really talk about love. At least how I see it for myself.


And…there will be some giveaways on my YouTube channel too!

Keep a look out for my next video post for more information, and to see how I feel about love.


Soprano Musings




K. McCoy wants to live in a world where indie vinyl record shops can be found in every city and sweets don’t come with so many calories. As an Independent Writer, she has finished her first NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) Novel, which is now being edited for its 2018 release. When she is not baking or playing Cards against Humanity with her friends, you can find her writing down new ideas and concepts somewhere sunny or discovering new music on online. You can find out how to connect and create with her by visiting her on Facebook and Instagram under K. McCoy. And if you are intrigued by the musings of a music major dropout, be sure to stop by K. McCoy's alter ego page, Soprano Musings!

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