Fell Short? Start Again!

Well, I made it to week 3 of the Modern Musician Capstone Course. And I was really struggling because I had not found a DAW (Desktop Audio Workstation) that I liked. Which I knew I would need for this week, so I made sure to ask my peers for recommendations.

Though there were not enough peers to review my revised version of my song, so I had to opt out of the course for now. A new one will resume in April and at first I was bummed out.

Until I realized that this window of opportunity afforded me more time 🙂

More time to look for and test/play around with DAWs. To really hone in on what I want this song to sound like. To bring across the conviction in it that I need – whether it’s in a ballad arrangement or jazz/funk. Also, since I have already completed the first 2 weeks, I will have a leg up on the next course – which is AH-some!

Yeah, having to admit that I fell short of finishing this course sucks. But at least now I know why and now have an opportunity to come back to fix my mistakes. Which will allow me to make this song even better than when I first submitted it.

In the meantime, I will continue to work on a few other songs that I have written. And will post a few cover songs up to my soundcloud too, so stay tuned my Musings!

-Soprano Musings


Published by sopranomusingsphotography

Seeing one 'acceptable' troupe for fat black women like me was more than enough to entice me to step up and take a shot! ______________________________________________________________________________________________ After spending hours on stock pile sites and not finding the images of women that she wanted to see on her blog or book covers led K. McCoy to make more of her photography hobby. Besides shooting portraits, street and travel photography, K. McCoy would love to tap more into her creative skills and collaborate with cosplay artists as well as authors looking for their dream book covers. To connect with Soprano Musings Photography further, visit their Facebook page or slide into their Instagram DMs at 'sopranomusingsshots' today!

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