Fell Short? Start Again!

Well, I made it to week 3 of the Modern Musician Capstone Course. And I was really struggling because I had not found a DAW (Desktop Audio Workstation) that I liked. Which I knew I would need for this week, so I made sure to ask my peers for recommendations.

Though there were not enough peers to review my revised version of my song, so I had to opt out of the course for now. A new one will resume in April and at first I was bummed out.

Until I realized that this window of opportunity afforded me more time 🙂

More time to look for and test/play around with DAWs. To really hone in on what I want this song to sound like. To bring across the conviction in it that I need – whether it’s in a ballad arrangement or jazz/funk. Also, since I have already completed the first 2 weeks, I will have a leg up on the next course – which is AH-some!

Yeah, having to admit that I fell short of finishing this course sucks. But at least now I know why and now have an opportunity to come back to fix my mistakes. Which will allow me to make this song even better than when I first submitted it.

In the meantime, I will continue to work on a few other songs that I have written. And will post a few cover songs up to my soundcloud too, so stay tuned my Musings!

-Soprano Musings

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