The Fool and the Hermit

A good friend of mine (Annie Pritchard) drew this picture of me on the first day that we met.

We both volunteer at our local hospital, and I remember yapping a way – a mile a minute – about the first topic that came up that day.

When our shift ended, she showed it to me and I was finally speechless! The way she captured my features (especially my hair! lol) just blew me away.

Well, this Saturday, she managed to do that to me again. And this time she left me speechless for some reasons that I was not ready to admit. ..

My Annie brought in her Tarot cards and gave me a reading. She tried to give me a quick disclaimer about her skills lacking, but I found that hard to believe considering how on point those cards were!

Once I shuffled them, the first 2 cards that she pulled were: ‘The Hermit’ and ‘The Fool’.

As she explained what the cards meant (and how the other 2 – which I can’t remember too well) I had to face the truth.

I am a dreamer. A dreamer who has many forks in the road on figuring out what it is she wants to do and become in this world. Sigh.

I have goals, plans, and now deadlines. Though the thought of them makes me want to hide sometimes in my room and just watch k dramas while eating gummy bears in the dark.

Now that I am aware of fact, I now have to do something about it. Time to get to ‘adulting’ and stop fooling myself with thinking that the universe is going to just deliver things to me – especially if I am not prepared for them when they do present themselves.

So, starting today, I am going to clean up the last chapters of my book to give to my editor and illustrator for review.

I am going to start making videos to post on YouTube (and I will share them here too!).

I am going to get to recording cover songs to post onto my soundcloud.

I am going to start my #giveit100 challenge and finally get back to making sweet sounds with my guitar.

Being a fool will only get so far, and a hermit will get no where in my opinion.

And I refuse to remain either.


Published by sopranomusingsphotography

Seeing one 'acceptable' troupe for fat black women like me was more than enough to entice me to step up and take a shot! ______________________________________________________________________________________________ After spending hours on stock pile sites and not finding the images of women that she wanted to see on her blog or book covers led K. McCoy to make more of her photography hobby. Besides shooting portraits, street and travel photography, K. McCoy would love to tap more into her creative skills and collaborate with cosplay artists as well as authors looking for their dream book covers. To connect with Soprano Musings Photography further, visit their Facebook page or slide into their Instagram DMs at 'sopranomusingsshots' today!

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