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Day 4: Calling all who Inspire

Over the years, life gets harder and harder.

More responsibilities in my day to day life, reflections on who I am and becoming as a person, and over the last few years – regret.

For the things I should have said and wanted to, moves I should have not or should have made, and feelings that I did not express that I want to now and find that I can not. Talking about this is not easy for me, so I turn to writing. There is also this little not so happy fact:


This pretty much sums me up. Maybe it’s because when talking to someone I don’t give myself enough time to really think about what it is that I want to say. Or I’m afraid that I will not get to say what I want to at all and interrupt whoever else is speaking. Which is something that I working on now that I am aware of it.

With music being at the forefront of it all. Singing my success and sorrows, strumming my thoughts that I can’t quite come to terms with on one of my guitars, or taking my feelings and splashing them all over the place in one of my original songs or poems…It helps me deal.

Though lately I have come to need more – want more in fact.

I crave inspiration. Everyday. In every way that I can find it.

Sometimes it hurts from a hard lesson learned. Other times it comes from the highest high that doing something unexpected brings. I found that out when I took part in my first 24 hour Playwright Project last month (should probably do a blog about this, uh? lol)


My ‘audience’ are those who understand that who all can inspire, be inspire, and are also looking for inspiration. I would like more bloggers who are music-oriented or musicians as well in the future, but I guess that will come with time.

Until then, I will finally start writing more music reviews, blogging more about being (or trying to be) a music major, and my experiences as well as thoughts from any future projects that I am able to participate in.

So thank you all for visiting my blog. I hope that I’ve made you smile, gave you a new fresh point of view, cheered you up, or inspired you in some small way. We all could use any of those from time to time.


Be inspiring and stay inspired!

-Soprano Musings




K. McCoy wants to live in a world where indie vinyl record shops can be found in every city and sweets don’t come with so many calories. As an Independent Writer, she has finished her first NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) Novel, which is now being edited for its 2018 release. When she is not baking or playing Cards against Humanity with her friends, you can find her writing down new ideas and concepts somewhere sunny or discovering new music on online. You can find out how to connect and create with her by visiting her on Facebook and Instagram under K. McCoy. And if you are intrigued by the musings of a music major dropout, be sure to stop by K. McCoy's alter ego page, Soprano Musings!

4 thoughts on “Day 4: Calling all who Inspire

  1. Regret is a tough thing to deal with. It’s is something in the past and best to be learned from. I have learned a lot about the power of words. They can change my outlook and affect how I actually feel. One word that seldom feels helpful is the word “should.” It is critical and judgmental. When I tell myself I “should have done this” – I feel shame. Even I “should” exercise is a statement leading to pressure and feelings of failure.
    So here’s my secret. I replace the word “should” with the word “could.” I “could” have done things differently – and perhaps I will next time. I “could” exercise – it’s a choice I’ll make when I’m ready.
    That word replacement leads to a completely different energy. Wonder how that could work for you! Hoping I’m inspiring you. 🙂

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    1. Thank you! I never once thought of that with the word should, but looking back on certain not-so-stellar moments, that is exactly how I felt when I used that word…’Could’ is a great replacement. When I say or think ‘could’ I picture more possibilities, so yes – I will get in the habit of using that word swap – definitely inspiring 🙂

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