In Search of a Star


The night sky envelopes me as I look for a wishing star.

My life is falling into place with my dreams, and now I am – at last – brave enough to wish for you.

Friends I have, lovers are easy finds.

What I am in need of now is my one of a kind.

The steady yet intense rhythm to complete my imperfectly beautiful lyrics.

Though I can not stop myself from wondering..did I already pass that person by? Are they in my life now and I just can not see them somehow?

Or the worst thought of them all – will they even want me too?

Tears slip through my melancholy eyes and I quickly wipe them away with a stubbornly shaking hand.

For my newfound hearts sake – I hope that none of those reasons are true.

Because now that I know that I am ready for love… I do not want to be without it for much longer.

So here is to looking for a star to wish upon.


Copyright 2016. All Rights Reserved

One comment

  1. Wow, so beautiful! I think of stars as eternal. I wrote a song named “My Shining Star.” I feel like when I sing it I am thinking of what you so eloquently wrote. There are song lyrics in you words, for sure. I also know that feeling of wishing for love.


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