A Fear of Fears

The thought of seeing your name become a hashtag kept me awake most nights.

My best never being good enough almost had me ready to completely give up.

Feeling unable to talk about my feelings in a safe place left me helpless almost everyday.

The thought of never getting the chance to see the stars in my loves eyes again had would leave me breathless.

For every new storm of drama that crashed into me managed to leave me so battered and bruised.

The memories of all the hurtful things that were said felt like rocks, and the malicious tides of things that were done, caused my heart to be torn into pieces – floating aimlessly about in my sea of tears.

After some time, my mind would finally become clearer and allow my body to heal.

I know now what folks mean when they say that the sun will soon shine after each storm ends.

There is no need to be held captive by fear. It won’t stop the currents from rising again.

So instead of letting the waves of fear drown me, I now swim confidently until I reach the shore.

Where nothing but wonderful and breathtaking possibilities wait for me.

Copyright 2015. All Rights Reserved




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