The Meaning of Family

I promise ya’ll that I will have some more cheerful material up before the New Year! 

Though last night I could not sleep, and all these thoughts were flashing through my head. So I grabbed my phone and starting typing it all out. 

Between today and tomorrow I should have them all up and then…I will talk about..Love (kind of ironic when I think about it. lol)

Foolish folks with fraudulent feelings of love.

Always call with a crisis at least every 3 months.

Makes my skin crawl just to hear their names.

In sake of being fair, I am far from a saint.

Lately I have lost my temper verbally.

Yet that does not and will not excuse the decades of emotional and physical abuse towards me.

How can ya’ll not see? Is it because we have never tried speaking on our feelings to each other honestly?

Family has come to mean nothing to me.

It’s just another F word that is used without any real use by many.

Copyright, 2015



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