Curtain Call

How did I not see it fall?

When it came to you? To us?

I thought the show would go on forever.

Now I am standing here with tears shining in my eyes –

Silently wishing.. begging and longing for an encore.

There is too many scenes that I want a chance to make better – to really get right.

Perhaps that is what makes – made – our show so wonderful.

That throughout it all, at its core, it was real.

The good, bad, funny, scary, destructive, selfish, yet lovable.

It was us.

Fresh and original. Meant to leave those in the audience in awe with full hearts.

To have them wanting more.

What I would not give for just one encore!

That is why I am standing here, silently

and slowly taking my bow.

Because now I know – once we all have played our parts –

None of us can escape that final curtain call.

Copyright 2015


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