Day 6: I Need..Want ..

I can talk about almost every subject in the world except this next one openly.

You go so long without something that it becomes easy to dismiss it. Or you tell yourself that it is okay to be without.

Until your mind begins to wonder about it…forcing you to acknowledge and address it. 

I have finally grasped the understanding that love is a key part of our human condition. It’s one of those things that makes us no different than everyone else on this planet.

And it IS okay to want to want love.

This is my Day 6 entry for the writing 201 challenge (The purple circled parts are meant to be read from the bottom to the top).

And if you haven’t checked out this author (Joe Brock:

I highly recommend that you do!

His work is amazing – I’m always checking for new posts from him on Instagram, and I can’t wait to finally have his collection of books to read whenever I want.


So there’s no confusion..

I want everlasting appreciation of one another.

I want commitment.

I want.. love..


Copyright 2015. All Right Reserved.


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