Weekend Wanders

I know the email for this assignment said to only write 1 to 2 sentences of why the piece we choose move us, but I felt it was important to share the whole story behind the piece that I selected.

I received a book called Words From a Wanderer by Alex(andra) Elle well over a year ago from part of this monthly subscription that I was apart of at the time.

When I first saw it I wasn’t the least bit interested in it and had planned on donating it to a local book store. Thing is – I could never bring myself to.

Finally, a few months ago, I took it with me to read while riding the Greyhound to visit a friend. And I fell hard for it!

So many pearls of wisdom and even a section at the end that allowed me a chance to write my own work – which I did 🙂

My favorite lines from the Dear Self sections is from ‘Don’t be Afraid’:

“You are not that broken or that battered. You’re not that bruised and your spirit isn’t shattered.”

It serves as a reminder that my life may not be perfect, my growing up may have been rough, I have been hurt and made to feel less than, but dammit – I am still here!

My spirit is still strong and I AM strong enough to share what it is that I what to sing and say with the world.

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